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Numerology Five Phases


What is Numerology?
The mystical study of numbers, derived mainly from Hindu and Arabic teaching, but also from Jewish and Chinese traditions. In the Chinese tradition, odd numbers are yang in quality and symbolize the celestial world, whereas even numbers are yin in quality and represent the terrestrial world. Pythagoras believed that the character of each of the nine numbers is linked to cosmic influences, and that numbers can be used to interpret the energies available at a particular hour, day, week, month, or year. Each number has a size, quality, vibration, and mystical value, and the study of their symbolism can be used as a method of divination.

Numerology is a complex mathematic system that reveals your character, personality, and experience through the reasonable progression of numbers. It provides a complete understanding on personality lifestyle when we apply the meaning of individual numbers to our name and birth-date. The numbers of our name describe the things we were born knowing and birth-date describes the things we need to learn. As you examine your Numerology Reading, you'll find a great deal of insight about yourself, and you can make improvement in yourself.

The Healing Power of Crystal Stones
We will pick crystal stones to heal you on a number of levels. One of the best ways is to pick a crystal stone that will augment an element that is lacking in our numerology, or will balance and fortify an element that predominates in our chart. Crystal Stone is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and healing emotionally helps to relieve pain, depression, anxiety and stress. There are many different gemstones. Listed here are many are said to have healing properties: Amber. Amethyst, Aquamarine, Agate, Bloodstone, Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet, Jasper, Labradorite, Moonstone, Onyx, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and many more.

When we wear stones, display them in the house or garden, or use them in ritual, we can access their healing powers. We can pick stones to heal us on a number of levels. One of the best ways is to pick a stone that will augment an element that is lacking in our chart, or will balance and fortify an element that predominates in our chart. Gemstone therapy is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and healing emotionally, help to relieve pain, depression, anxiety and stress. There are many different gemstones.

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Alice Tan said...

Numerology Reading that done by Grace Choo (AG Accessories) has changed my career decision and I have more confidence in my career and romance. Thanks to the reading.

Julyen Loo said...

A friend introduced me to Grace a few months ago for Numerology Reading. That one trip changed my life. I could not believe what she told me. From the Numerology, I knew my strong as well as my weak points, some of which I did not realise before going through the reading. Grace recommended some relevant healing semi-precious stones to "vibrate" my missing numerology numbers.

Believe it or not... Wearing the stones for a couple of months have changed me, in terms of my career mindset and my individual confidence level, as well as fine-tuning my creativity level towards the path of makeup artistry. People around me have noticed the change in me too. Since then, my healing stones' collection gradually increase as I slowly learn and appreciate what wonders each stone's energy can bring to an individual. I have also developed close affinity with certain stones.

Experience it yourself to see how this can really help you. I have tried it. My friends have tried it. So dear readers, do not hesitate! Come on down to Far East Plaza (AG Accessories) and try one for yourself. It will definitely benefit you in some ways.

*To Grace - Thanks for all your invaluable advises and being so supportive. What can I say? It's so great to know you!

- Julyen Loo

Raelyn said...

Can still remember the date when i first met Grace, 25th Feb.. :)

Was amazing how crytals changed my life and from the Numerology, i knew more about myself.

I'm now clearer about what i'm going to do in Life and I felt a change in me after wearing the stones recommended by Grace too!

It's always wise to seek advise from professional before wearing any stones or crystals and the person is non other than Grace!

Words can't express how thankful I felt towards Grace and thank God that bring me to her!! ^_^

jeslynda said...

My first encounter with Grace was at the end of Year 2005.

It had nothing to do with crystals or numberlogy at all. I was at her shop to buy a choker that looks like a ZIP!!! Yes a zip which till this day is still being made fun of by Grace! 88 bucks of membership fee!

I did overheard Grace doing numberlogy for customers then but at that time I did not believe in such things, hence I just bought the choker and left her shop.

But my curiosity got the better of me and I actually went back to Grace to have my numberlogy done.

That's when I started to wear crystals that make up for the lack in my numbers and I began to experience lots of positive changes in my life, myself and my mindset.

I began to fall in love with crystals and actually started to read up more on how to use crystals for healing. Now even my family members and our maids are wearing crystals. My house is also full of crystals here and there.

Throughout this period, not only had my crystal collection gradually grown, my relationship with them had also grown stronger and deeper.

Nobody would believe that I actually carry ALL of my crystals with me everywhere I go. And I would feel very sad if I lose or break any of them.

It's really amazing how numberlogy and crystals had changed my everything for the better. Life had been wonderful since and is getting even better now as each day goes by.

All this I have Grace to thank for. And I also thank God for Grace for I believe it was in God's plan to let me know Grace through a ZIP!

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,

I would like to thank you for numerology reading and recommendation of the stone.

It is starting to bring out the potential in me.
For once in my life, I have confidently shared with my potential employer my expectations and the way I prefer to run and organize projects.
At the end of the interview, the General Manager commented " You are definitely very confident in your ability to identify gaps in the operations"
I passed the 2 case studies(given only 1 hour to prepare a presentation) to a panel of 3 interviews with flying colours.

Thank you so much, Grace, your numerology reading and recommendation has started to change my life positively!

€µÑ|©ê said...

first time i met with grace was actually bcause of my sister. She brought me there and got my reading done, cuz she knew would be interested in this kind of things. Since then, i've been bringing me friends there to get their reading done as well. Many of them told me that what she said about them were all true.

Perhaps due to my age, the stones didnt help me much in my studies and what not, but alot of my friends commented that i am much happier now compared to last time. =D

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