Sunday, April 01, 2007

Magnetite (Lodestone)

What is a Magnetite (Lodestone)?
Lodestones (Fe3O4) are rocks that are naturally magnetic. They are made of Magnetite, a type of iron ore (black, grayish). Magnetite itself is not necessarily magnetic. A piece of magnetite that is magnetic qualifies as a lodestone.

What makes a magnetic (Lodestone)?
For a piece of magnetite to become magnetized it must be exposed to a magnetic field. The weak magnetic field of the earth is not strong enough so another source must be looked to. It is believed that lighting strikes on magnetite cause the magnetite particles to align in the right way to produce a magnetic field.

The first compasses were made over 2000 years ago using lodestones. If a long piece of lodestone is freely suspended it will rotate until it ligns up with the Earth's poles. Many versions of compasses have been made using this principle.

Health Benefits of Lodestones/Magnets
Throughout history people have attributed healing powers to lodestones. Even today many believe that magnets can cure certain ailments.

Magnetite balances the intellect with inner emotions to bring about stability.
This is an excellent stone for balancing polarities such as male-female; physical-spiritual; left brain-right brain, and many more.

Magnetite aligns the chakras and connects the base and earth chakras to the nurturing energies of the earth. Additional properties include:

  • Aids telepathy, meditation, visualization
  • Strengthens trust in your own intuitions
  • The magnetic quality of magnetite attracts love, commitment & loyalty
  • Offers relief from negative emotions

Healing properties of magnetite
This stone is used for recovery. It is beneficial for asthma, blood and circulatory system, skin and hair. Excellent for muscle strains and cramps. Some use it to stop nosebleeds.

Other Special Powers Attributed to Lodestones
Lodestones have long been sought after for many reasons. Many believe that lodestones have powers to affect their lives by attracting good things and absorbing bad. Lodestones are and have been used in spells and rituals or carried for attracting mates, for luck, for success, to absorb negativity, etc...

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