Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lucky Gem Stone Energy

Gemstones have living energy. Every gemstone has several attributes. Good luck is a part of the energy of many stones. There are times it may be more helpful to use more than one stone for the luck needed. At times a gemstone's energy seems to prefer one person to another. This is why it is advised to experiment with gemstones. As we change our way of life our vibrations change, that is why some gemstones will work differently on the same person at different times.

I keep a small bowl with gemstones in it on my desk, one in my bedroom and another in the living room. The gemstones get changed as I feel a need for the life force in my life and house to change.

Lucky Stones
I have found the amber, tiger’s eye and aquamarine, when used with other stones, bring the most luck to me. Experiment to see which gemstones feel good when you hold them.

The best way to know what gemstones will be lucky for you is to hold it in your hand. The gemstones help change the life force around you and that is how gemstones can change your luck.

Need lucky protection - Agate
Need luck in getting rid of worries - Aquamarine, Sodalite
Need luck in business - Malachite, Citrine
Need luck in your career - Garnet
Need luck in gambling – Amber, Aventurine, Tourmaline
Need luck in getting physical energy - especially athletes - Carnelian, Smokey Quartz
Need luck with endurance, Athletes can use this too - Smokey Quartz
Need luck in making your dreams come true - Amazonite, Amethyst
Would you like to have peace of mind? Now that is lucky. If you are a writer, look at this one. - Sodalite
Need luck in your marriage. This is the love stone. - Rose Quartz, Emerald, Hematite
Need luck in understanding other people - Cat's Eye, Hematite
Need luck in bringing in more money in your business - Citrine
Need luck in keeping your lover faithful - Emerald
Need luck in getting though the day - Crystal
Increase your psychic powers to be lucky in every way - Amethysat, Lapis
Need a better relationship, this is your luck - Hematite
Have no fear of the night with this luck - Red Jasper
Need to have all the luck you can - Tourmalated Quartz
Need double luck in any situation - Tourmaline
Especially lucky for actors - carry one to auditions. - Red Jasper

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